Tattooed Teenager Gets Impregnated By Sex Tourist - Jasmine-素人

Tattooed Teenager Gets Impregnated By Sex Tourist - Jasmine-素人

Tattooed Teenager Gets Impregnated By Sex Tourist - Jasmine

登録日:20年6月30日 ジャンル:海外生姦無修正

If you guys like girls with lots of ink, then you’re really going to love this week’s breeder: Jasmine.*****I met Jasmine at a bikini bar in Angeles City and I could tell she was a wild woman. She loved to dance and party, but at the bar one night she told me something was missing from her life. She wanted a baby. And not just any baby, but a baby boy who would be tall and have blue eyes. Well, Jasmine, you’re in luck! I love donating my sperm to girls in need, and little Jasmine was a perfect charity case.*****I got Jasmine to my hotel room and proceeded to strip her clothes off, revealing to me her hot 18-year-old body . Despite the tattoos, she was naturally very beautiful. Her tits were tiny so I was concerned about future milk production for my son, but I also knew they would grow quickly as her body was flooded with pregnancy hormones. *****Jasmine started me off with a blowjob and then I proceeded to pound the little teenager in multiple positions, finally erupting like a volcano into Jasmine’s smooth, unguarded honey-pot. She was a good girl and did as she was told, keeping her legs up in the air as I slid a wine cork into her cunt. After 15 minutes, I knew this cute little hooker was sufficiently knocked up so I uncorked her and watched with satisfaction as my volcanic sperm flowed out of her birth canal like milky lava. Another day, another successful impregnation!

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提供元:Monger In Asia

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